So here I am. A few weeks removed from my All-City, all everything, Macho Man Disc. It was indeed a jack of all trades ride and served admirably for three seasons as a commuter and race rocket. Hmm. Let’s pause. . .I suppose race and rocket in their nominal togetherness is deeply inaccurate. It is more appropriate to describe it as a heavy stone. With wheels. But it did role. Sometimes faster than others.  So that’s good.

Compared to a previously owned Giant TCR Advanced SL ISP, which actually was a race rocket, the Macho Man was a better experience. Its 32c tires, steel tubes, and long wheel-base worked in quiet concert to produce something special. Though its heft could never be ignored, climbs, descents, sprints, and strolls were equally satisfying. So why the change?

The standards of old made the bike feel antiquated. 135mm rear spacing, front and back QR’s, and both IS and post disc brake mounts, made it difficult to invest in part repairs, replacements, and upgrades. It was time to modernize. It was time to have some fun with a ground up build.

Wanting something built around endurance road geometry, less weight, and modern spacing standards, I have my eyes set on a Zig-Zag. I’m sticking with All-City. I appreciate their blend of old and new; both in form and function. And let’s be honest, their paint schemes are on another level of artistry.With that, three cheers to an upcoming new bike day! My new 55cm orange/red fade frame will be arriving in a few days.

Stay tuned for more. . .

All-City Bicycles

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