This wasn’t a good day. It started well enough but ended in total failure.

After the re-introductory ride yesterday, I planned to get one more in before leaving town. I attacked North Rim. Crushed B-Trail. Just like yesterday, I took Middle Trail back to the car. Not more than 100 yards from the parking lot, is a small rock strewn decent and sharp transition up. No big deal; but it became one. Just before the climb I pulled up on the bars for a little rock hop and as my front wheel lifted, a loose rock forced it sideways and me and the bike along with it.

I hit the ground hard. Real hard. Some crashes allow the chance to roll with the terrain and ease the blow. Not this one. Tangled in bike and bar, the ground received all of my momentum. The bike and I separated only after the first bounce. Elbow, shoulder, and knee bloodied up, I hobbled along contemplating yelling for help. I won’t lie, I was on the verge of tears. It was that kind of crash. I thought I broke my leg just above the knee. I couldn’t straighten or extend it.

Adding insult to injury, my new bike was banged up. Tacoed rear wheel, bent dropout, and busted derailleur meant game over for at least a few weeks.

I am ok and thank God for it. But, man, this one was scary.

I need a break.

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