Goodbyes and New Beginnings

So here I am. A few weeks removed from my All-City, all everything, Macho Man Disc. It was indeed a jack of all trades ride and served admirably for three seasons as a commuter and race rocket. Hmm. Let’s pause. . .I suppose race and rocket in their nominal togetherness is deeply inaccurate. It is […]

Santa Cruz Chameleon: Frame Adjustments, New Life

Steve over at Hardtail Party did a bang spot on review of the Gen 7 Chameleon for Dusty Betty’s YouTube channel. Check it out below. I agree with nearly everything and there isn’t a great deal more to add. Though, our good friend, nuance, has something to say. Chainstays I’ve had a couple of months […]

Santa Cruz Chameleon

Out with the old. In with the new. I said goodbye to my 2015 Salsa El Mariachi 3 and am in a relationship with a new ride; a 2019 Santa Cruz Chameleon 29 R. This is my 4th Chameleon. I had three in the mid-2000’s when 26″ was still a thing. There is a lot […]

Felt Bicycles at Tritonman 2020

Felt. Is. Fast. Felt is fast. This is the marketing campaign behind Felt Bicycles’ latest offerings. Appropriate. I mentioned in another post that any time spent in cycling culture, one learns things. I don’t recall the why’s and how’s of this mysterious and profound knowledge, but I know Felt to be a name synonymous with […]

2017 All-City Macho Man

I purchased a 2009 Giant TCR Advanced SL ISP and rode the heck out of it for many years. One random day I ended my relationship with carbon and sold it. I wanted steel. I didn’t know it then, but bike snobbery took root and it’s led me to the 2017 All-City Macho Man Disc. […]

Marin Hidden Canyon 20″

The time had come to pass my oldest of three daughters’ bike to the next in line. After getting some ideas of what she wanted and what I wanted for her, my wife and I decided on the Marin Hidden Canyon 20″ for her 7th birthday. Good decision us. The bike is solid and capable. […]

Salsa El Mariachi

The good folks at Bike Magazine included the 2013 Salsa El Mariachi in their annual Bible of Bike Tests. Check it out: There isn’t a ton more to add. The El Mariachi is not a particular kind of a bike. It’s just a bike. Without razzle dazzle. Without wow. It climbs and descends well. Switchbacks […]