Bidwell Park #2

This wasn’t a good day. It started well enough but ended in total failure. After the re-introductory ride yesterday, I planned to get one more in before leaving town. I attacked North Rim. Crushed B-Trail. Just like yesterday, I took Middle Trail back to the car. Not more than 100 yards from the parking lot, […]

Ojai and Lake Casitas Loop

Didn’t happen. I hate cycling. 3.1 mi into the ride, Bang! Gunshot. Heart racing and slung low. Wobbles. Wobbles? What the. . . ? My front tire blew off the rim. Sealant everywhere. Shoes. Legs. Rotors. Calipers. Everywhere. Oh, and the cherry on on top of this amazing Ice Cream Monday, the 3.1 mi walk […]

Bear’s Best #3

Bear’s Best mountain biking in the summer; high 90’s at 9am. This was the wrong opportunity to squeeze in a ride before work at noon; it didn’t get cooler. In the Las Vegas summer sun, trails at Bear’s Best have a magical ability to blind the eyes. Trail undulations and features are indistinguishable from one […]

Bear’s Best #2

A “short” day of of surgery in the OR last week had me at the trail head around 6pm. Mentally, I was prepared for 25 miles and two different loops. I crushed the first up Alice to the top of Gnarley. I felt great. Bear’s Best crushed me on the second. Something happened. I’m not […]

Red Rock Canyon #4

Today was a little different. I did the Red Rock Canyon loop clockwise, reverse. I’ve ridden it enough that I know what to expect in the normal direction and can mentally break the ride up into sections. I only kind of had that predictability today. It’s funny. So much of riding is about adventure, exploration, […]

Big Rock Trail at Cowles Mountain

The Setting I can’t jump for the life of me. I stink at it. Huge mental block. While I can handle steeps and drops like a champ, and consider myself a descent technical rider, the trail owned me today. If slow, steep, and technical is your thing, Cowles Mountain is for you. Nestled in the […]