Mountain biking Bear’s Best in Las Vegas has thrills for the intermediate and seasoned rider alike. Fun network. I unknowingly reserved my hotel 1 mile from the trail head and right behind Las Vegas Cyclery. Solid shop.

Side note: when in Vegas, go to Las Vegas Cyclery. Ogle.

Well, let’s get to it. . .

I’m on a hardtail. Wheels are 29 x 2.3 Minions. I began with 21 psi front and rear trying to find the perfect balance of grip and support on the sandy, pebble strewn trails. Spin-outs on technical portions of the initial climb required a drop in pressure. I had no way to measure but wound up around 17-18 psi front and back; low for a 2.3 in tire. Problem solved. My tires hooked up nicely for the rest of the ride with no rim bottoming.

There are an unending amount of loops that can be put together from the network’s tangle of offshoots and connectors. Trailforks is your friend in this one. I used it a handful of times.

The best parts were the climb on Alice and descent on Gnarley. Neither were the most technical or difficult, but were a nice introduction to the network. Alice had a couple of technical sections that, if cleared, make you wish others witnessed it. Rock star status is all but a guarantee. Gnarley is fast and flowing. The challenge, and subsequently, fun, comes from the bizarre turn combination and speed sections; it will keep you on your toes! Especially with the loose terrain underneath you.

I wound up doing a 13.9 mi clockwise loop with 1,200 ft of climbing. There is much more to explore. More to follow.

In the meantime, should you find yourself traveling to Vegas, hit the trails. Though COVID-19 has made uncertainty the new normal, an informal group ride usually takes place every Wednesday from the shop; it leaves at 6am sharp. Try to keep up. Reach out to the shop for more at details.