Northwest Community Park Trails in Frisco, TX

Trail head sign with skull

NW Community Park DORBA Trails

I’m learning that mountain biking in North Dallas has a lot to offer. I arrived to the NW Community Park Trailhead and was pleasantly surprised. Bike racks, port-a-potty’s, and clearly marked sign posts sprinkled the staging area like it was designed for folks on mountain bikes. Imagine that! A bike park for bikers. Novel.

I’ve never ridden in an area so welcoming and inviting. My response was strange. I found myself daydreaming and talking to imaginary people about how great the ride was; which is weird because I hadn’t taken to the trails yet. I had no clue what they were like. I’m ok with this bizarre display of enthusiasm. I don’t doubt you’ve done it as well.

Tight & Twisty

Yup. Tight & twisty. I’m not sure there is a better phrase to describe the trail network. It covers a small area, but is packed with switchbacks that separate the trail by only a couple of feet at a number of spots.

There is nothing difficult at the NW Community Park. Nothing technical. Nothing surprising. What I found interesting were the number of berms that afford deep leans with speed from one turn to the next. An absolute blast.

Travel directions on the trails are clearly marked for cyclists and hikers. This is smart. Each go the opposite way to see the other approaching and mitigate surprises and potential crashes. Simple, but effective use of the space to ensure each group can enjoy the trails without fear of injury. . .or litigation.

If looking for a quick spin before work or spending the day at Starbucks looking for jobs on Craigslist, the NW Community Park trail system is a nice option. See the DORBA website for more information.