Didn’t happen.

I hate cycling. 3.1 mi into the ride, Bang! Gunshot. Heart racing and slung low. Wobbles. Wobbles? What the. . . ? My front tire blew off the rim. Sealant everywhere. Shoes. Legs. Rotors. Calipers. Everywhere. Oh, and the cherry on on top of this amazing Ice Cream Monday, the 3.1 mi walk back to the hotel. Awesome.

I’m a tubeless guy all the way; road and mountain. A recent unexpected and unexlainable loss of air after two days trying to refill forced me to replace the tape and sealant. I didn’t have any tape. What’s one to do? Use the very unapproved secondary option and mostly untested hack, Gorilla Tape.

Now, I’ve used Duck Tape in the past. It works well enough and I assumed Gorilla Tape would work the same. I’ve had recent problems seating the tire bead and an extra pass of tubeless tape always creates enough of a seal between the rim and tire. Why wouldn’t one layer of Gorilla Tape accomplish the same? Because cycling hates me. That’s why. When I pumped up the tire, it didn’t give the loud snaps and pops that let you know your tire is locked into the rim hook and ready to go. This time, the inflation never felt complete, but it held air. I went with it. I was concerned, but I went with it.

Bad call. The blow-off happened on a flat trail early into the ride. The pending decent at 40 mph from Casitas Pass to the coast could have been game over for me. I get to live another day to make bad bike decisions and curse this thing called cycling.

New tires are on the way. New Stan’s rim tape is on the way too. They can’t get here soon enough.

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