Cowboy Trails #2

45 mi. 4,440 ft elevation gain. This was, without doubt, a mountain bike epic through two of Las Vegas’ trail systems; Bear’s Best and the Cowboy Trails. I haven’t done a mountain bike ride like this since my days of working for Escape Adventures in Moab, UT in the mid 2000’s. Those were the days […]

Mountain Biking the Cowboy Trails in Las Vegas

Breaking from the ease of getting to the trailhead at Bear’s Best, I wanted another mountain biking option and was curious about riding the network at the Cowboy Trails. A quick Google search led me down a path I won’t soon forget. I watched a YouTube video from the good folks at Awesome MTB and […]

Bear’s Best #3

Bear’s Best mountain biking in the summer; high 90’s at 9am. This was the wrong opportunity to squeeze in a ride before work at noon; it didn’t get cooler. In the Las Vegas summer sun, trails at Bear’s Best have a magical ability to blind the eyes. Trail undulations and features are indistinguishable from one […]

Bear’s Best #2

A “short” day of of surgery in the OR last week had me at the trail head around 6pm. Mentally, I was prepared for 25 miles and two different loops. I crushed the first up Alice to the top of Gnarley. I felt great. Bear’s Best crushed me on the second. Something happened. I’m not […]

Red Rock Canyon #5

Red Rock Canyon #5. I’m not sure how many more excuses I’ll have to come to Las Vegas, but I’m racking up time on the bike through the park. As this week comes to a close, I decided I’d do two loops. I crushed the first. I got crushed on the second. Results, according to […]

Red Rock Canyon #4

Today was a little different. I did the Red Rock Canyon loop clockwise, reverse. I’ve ridden it enough that I know what to expect in the normal direction and can mentally break the ride up into sections. I only kind of had that predictability today. It’s funny. So much of riding is about adventure, exploration, […]

Mountain Biking Bear’s Best Trail System in Las Vegas

Mountain biking Bear’s Best in Las Vegas has thrills for the intermediate and seasoned rider alike. Fun network. I unknowingly reserved my hotel 1 mile from the trail head and right behind Las Vegas Cyclery. Solid shop. Side note: when in Vegas, go to Las Vegas Cyclery. Ogle. Well, let’s get to it. . . […]

Red Rock Canyon #3

Quiet. No cars. No engine noise and no lights; only the remnants of the setting sun and a silhouette of the peaks surrounding the basin. COVID-19 has closed Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas. Tonight was the perfect night for a ride. I started the 13 mile loop as the sun set. This ride was […]

Red Rock Canyon #2

Brisk and chilly this morning for Red Rock Canyon #2. One of those rides requiring the full complement of kit: balaclava, long sleeve base, jacket, winter tights, and shoe covers. Summer riding is nice because of the minimal gear required, but there is something special about kitting up for winter rides. I’m reminded again how […]

Red Rock Canyon National Park

A recent work trip sent me to Las Vegas. Awesome, says you. Awesome, says I. There are a couple of ways to experience Vegas. I like the other way. The alternative version. The one that has you driving just a few miles west on W. Charleston Blvd to Red Rock Canyon National Park. Years ago, […]