Shimano Deore XT 8100 Micro Spline Freehub

Up the rock I went. A steep 5 ft. face and round edge that transitioned to a gently sloped wheel’s length plateau. I made it. A quick pause and pedal kick to the opposite edge for a controlled, feel-good rear wheel drop and. . .a lost connection from crank to the rear wheel. Thud! Crack!. […]

Morton’s Neuroma and Shimano ME7 shoes

I’ve got a foot issue. My right foot. It’s called Morton’s Neuroma. It’s self diagnosed of course; but, I’m not wrong. Until recently, I rode with Shimano’s AM7 shoes and the nerves regularly flared up between my third and fourth toes. It was absolutely miserable. It felt like standing on a pebble and came with […]

Shimano Deore 12-Speed

Because buying bike parts is almost as fun as riding with them, I nearly immediately replaced the OEM SRAM drivetrain on a 2020 Santa Cruz Chameleon with Shimano’s budget friendly 12-speed option. After 250 miles and a few part pull-offs/put-ons for the heck of it, I’m left with a few questions. In particular, the definition […]